Joza Production Group with more than 150 years of experience in the production of handicrafts, since 2007 has decided to produce wooden boxes and artificial wood (mdf) with original Iranian designs. This group has succeeded in creating works worthy of the honor of our dear compatriots by simultaneously using the staff of experimental and educated designers and also using the latest devices of the world, along with the trained staff. In recent years, thanks to God, we have succeeded in presenting our products in the world market, especially in the Persian Gulf countries, with the proud inclusion of Iranian products.

Joza Production Group has selected some of its colleagues from the relief committee’s clients, who consider it one of their greatest honors to work with these loved ones.

In recent years, the top brands of Iran and neighboring countries have chosen Joza to present and package their luxury products, and now it is possible for you friends to buy directly in small and large quantities.
Your satisfaction is the most important Our mission.
Joza Production Group

Designed by Ali Saffari